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Making a difference

Company Overview

Paramount Assets Corporation is a long term strategic investor established in 2007 with the objective of providing affordable, clean and conducive workspaces. By taking advantage of the economies of scale, we can sustain affordable service fees to the mainstream consumer in the long run. Consistently, we have proven ourselves to stay ahead of times by carefully analyzing and understanding how businesses operate and how people use their offices, in creating and introducing innovative business solutions for our clients.

We have achieved our first milestone by setting a new standard in serviced office when we introduced Boutique office concept in 2009. Boutique office suites are a relatively new serviced office concept that feature luxurious and modish furnishing. We identified the need for professionals to stand out, be in tune with future trends and to opt for an architecturally iconic office space instead of the traditional office space. Our flagship serviced office was officially launched in November 2009.

In the same year, we have also unveiled a wide array of corporate services that are essential to businesses as our major step towards our vision to be a 1-stop Business Hub. We are proud to be the first workspace provider in Singapore that incorporates such extensive range of corporate services.

Our careful observation and assessment of our clients’ habits aided us in reforming the market boundaries to integrate our clients’ lifestyle into their businesses. Paramount Assets Corporation is about doing things differently so as to make a difference in your business.

Our mission

Paramount Assets Corporation aims to create Innovative workspace solutions for Businesses by integrating Practicability and Technology into workspaces with a Lifestyle at an affordable rate to aid Entrepreneurs alleviate their playing ground to those who have access to more resources, so as to sustain competitiveness in today’s dynamic environment.

Our Core Values


We believe in every business deal, fairness is the essence of it. The word Fairness signifies everyone, including us, to have the right to a fair deal. It is only through fairness we gain trust and respect not only from our clients, but from our vendors and employees as well.


A promise will be delivered timely even if it has to exhaust our resources. We do not compromise the quality of our work by taking short cuts. Integrity is closely link to credibility. By putting together a management team with high integrity and credibility, it ensures no conflicts of interests and helps to preserve the company's goodwill.


To be an employee of Paramount Assets Corporation, the prerequisite is to have self respect. We believe only by having self respect, we are able to carry out our duties no matter how insignificant the duty may be, with due respect.

Every of our employee understand the importance of RESPECT. There are 3 important aspects of respect we advocate.

  • Self Respect
  • Respect for our job
  • Respect for individual and their business