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Why outsource office functions?

In recent years, there has been a strong growth in outsourcing of office functions to specialized companies. Evidently, the key reasons are that more companies recognize the need to be put on the same level playing field by getting access to specialized expertise that only large corporations enjoy and the amount of money saved particularly for small & medium size (SMEs) companies.

Companies are able to minimize capital expenditure like commissioning of expensive software and equipment. Companies are also able to reduce overheads such as extra manpower, additional workspace, training costs, insurance, bonuses, employment benefits and CPF contribution.

Most of the non-core office functions are not only monotonous but time consuming processes and they require very specialized knowledge. A good service provider is constantly keeping themselves abreast with the latest development in the industry. It will be a challenge for companies to try to achieve the same level of understanding and it would take a considerable investment in time and effort. By outsourcing these functions, companies have acquired access to best practices, proven methodologies yet free up resources to focus on their core business.

Efficiency will not be affected by absence of key employees. Companies will save time and hassles helping new employees understand the complex software and system. Companies can leverage on their service providers since most of them are specialists with extensive resources at their disposal to process the most complex task efficiently and help is just a phone call away.

In the event if a big mistake surfaced, you can seek financial restitution from the service provider, something you can't do with your own employees. If work is delayed or mishandled, it's the service provider's responsibility to rectify. If the provider is unable to resolve the situation to your satisfaction, you have every right to sue or switch to another service provider in a snap. There's a lot to be said for the peace of mind that outsourcing services can bring to a business owner. No more headaches, no more hassles and just focusing on building up your company.

We have unveiled a wide array of corporate solutions that are fundamental to all businesses. Our strategic alliances allow us to fulfill your dedications to your clients and seize opportunities that arise in the face of adversity with our comprehensive corporate solutions. In the ever-changing business climate, our team of dedicated consultants is always available should you require special attention.