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Reasons for choosing us...

Not all businesses are suitable to have a Central Business District (CBD) registered address; in the bid to enhance the image of your business, it may totally backfire on you.

We have noticed most if not all of the virtual offices’ addresses are exposed. It is so easily available online simply by typing the address on search engines which can hurt your business image. We do not expose any of our business registered address.

Our virtual offices are currently located in Bukit Batok and we are expanding more for you to choose from. Each of our virtual office business address has a quota to limit the number of registrants who can use our address as the last thing we want is to have the whole street of business owners exchanging name cards having the same business address.

We do not open any of our client’s letters or parcels to preserve the integrity of its contents while we have the experience to eliminate most if not all the advertisements send to you so you don't get junk mails. Mails forwarding are done on the same day we received it and a notification is send to keep you informed.

With our low-cost mail transfer service, you never have to worry where our offices are located. Our clients love it as it’s cheaper than a bus ride and they capitalize on it to save time, money and hassle.

Our clients can have a peace of mind signing up our packages. For any reasons, you have 7 days to change your mind; however we will ask for the reason because we care.

To cater to different business needs, we specially designed 4 different virtual office packages. We also have a series of comprehensive in-house corporate solutions that is fundamental to all businesses at fabulous prices to enhance your competitiveness.

Last but not least, the extravagant furnishing of our offices tells you we are very serious in our business. We put our money where our mouth is. We own every property that is listed on our website and you never have to worry if we will be asked to move and affect your business operation. Even if you have a change of business address within our virtual offices, we can still do an internal mail transfer for you. Your mails will never go missing just because you change your business address.